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Why LumiQ

Why Aprio Alliance member firms love working with LumiQ

Learning, not compliance

Too often, staff view CPE as a compliance check box each year. With LumiQ’s engaging content and convenient medium, your team will choose to learn all year long.

The perfect supplemental tool

LumiQ seamlessly fits into your learning toolkit, allowing you to add a new, convenient, modern, and engaging medium for your team.

Talent attraction and retention

Differentiate your organization in a challenging hiring market by offering a learning medium that younger generations seek.

Original and fresh content

LumiQ releases weekly episodes with unique content formats like true-crime storytelling and highly sought-after speakers, keeping learning fresh for our users.

Member benefits

The Aprio Alliance Partnership Benefits

Entirely Free

LumiQ is paid for by the Aprio Alliance for your team's benefit. What would cost tens of thousands of dollars for your firm to access, is included for you free of charge. This is unlike any deal LumiQ has made with any other alliance or association across the country.

Seamless Integration

LumiQ connects directly into LCVista for certificate tracking, so once you're done with an assessment - your team's certificates will appear in their LCVista account by the next day. Note: each team member will need to create an account on LumiQ (via their activation email) for the integration to work!


Periodically, you'll receive data about what your team is listening to and how that stacks up across the entire Alliance. That will help you make better decisions when it comes to prioritizing learning and promoting employee engagement.

Got any questions? Email us at help@lumiqlearn.com and mention our partnership with the Aprio Alliance


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