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PrimeGlobal is proud to announce a new strategic partnership with LumiQ; a native podcast platform where engaging conversations with business leaders count as verified CPE/CPD.

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The Power Of Podcasts

95% of CPAs view CPE as compliance, not learning; which is a shame. Here’s why we think podcasts are the best medium for earning CPE credits:

They're Convenient

Instead of spending an hour you don’t have in front of your computer, listen to LumiQ on your commute, at the gym, folding laundry or walking your dog.

They're Engaging

Our podcast hosts ask the same questions you’re thinking of when you’re listening. We help bring you in to the room and be a part of the conversation.

World Class Speakers

We’re able to get Fortune 500 CFOs, Big 4 partners, and world-class entrepreneurs to share their experiences and expertise on topics they know inside and out.


Your colleagues say...

Hear from some of your colleagues about their experience participating in the LumiQ pilot.

"I couldn’t thank enough these guys for helping me with all my questions, I might have given them lots of emails, but they always replied on time. Special thanks goes to Mariia."

Portrait Customer
Anaiah Whitten

Manager, Barst

"I think it is better than webinars or self study videos. Mostly because it can be done on your phone. I didn't use the computer app and solely listened to the 3 podcasts on my phone. I also didn't find the quizzes and tests to be difficult as long as I was paying attention to the podcast which was nice since I mostly listen to podcast while being physically preoccupied with another task."

"Love what LumiQ is doing and please keep creating content."

"I personally enjoy this option lot more than the typical CPE of sitting in front of a computer for multiple hours. It was so convenient for me to listen to a podcast of my interest when I had to drive for couple hours to the Bay area."

"I think it's a great supplement to webcasts and live CPE."

"I think the fact I can listen to anything at any time I want to, makes it that much more valuable and successful in my eyes"

Portrait Customer
Jessica Robinson

Manager, Barst

"Very convenient to be able to get CPE credits from my phone."

Portrait Customer
Anaiah Whitten

Manager, Barst

"This concept is great and will make it so much easier for people to get additional CPE while on a road trip or going for a walk."

Portrait Customer
Zachary Collins

Manager, Barst

"I found this to be my favorite medium to receive on-demand CPE. I hope my firm continues to utilize LumiQ."

Portrait Customer
Candice Wu

Manager, Barst

How to Podcast

Be productive while you’re being productive with LumiQ. There’s more than one way to CPE.

Meet Your New Instructors

We’ve interviewed hundreds of the world’s most successful professionals to bring you the insights and lessons they’ve learned from being at the top of their profession.

Headshot of Colleen Johnston, former CFO for TD Bank

From CPA to CFO of TD Bank

Colleen Johnston

Former CFO

TD Bank
Headshot of Rich Diviney, founder of The Attributes

Leveraging Innate Attributes to Optimize Performance

Rich Diviney


The Attributes
Headshot of Salim Ismail, founder of OpenExo

Organizations that Revolutionize the World

Salim Ismail



Frequently Asked Questions

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Is LumiQ registered to provide CPE in the US?
Is LumiQ approved in my state?
How do I use it for my CPE goals?
What is the difference between quizzes and assessments?
How do I earn my CPE?
How are LumiQ CPE courses presented?
Is there a way to track usage?

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