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LumiQ is a native podcast app where engaging conversations with business leaders count as verified CPE. Withum has partnered with LumiQ to provide our staff with a flexible way to earn CPE credits.

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Desktop and mobile views of the LumiQ podcast app.

The Power Of Podcasts

95% of CPAs view CPE as compliance, not learning; which is a shame. Here’s why we think podcasts are the best medium for earning CPE credits:

They're Convenient

Instead of spending an hour you don’t have in front of your computer, listen to LumiQ on your commute, at the gym, folding laundry or walking your dog.

They're Engaging

Our podcast hosts ask the same questions you’re thinking of when you’re listening. We help bring you in to the room and be a part of the conversation.

World Class Speakers

We’re able to get Fortune 500 CFOs, Big 4 partners, and world-class entrepreneurs to share their experiences and expertise on topics they know inside and out.

How to Podcast

Be productive while you’re being productive with LumiQ. There’s more than one way to CPE.

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Meet Your New Instructors

We’ve interviewed hundreds of the world’s most successful professionals to bring you the insights and lessons they’ve learned from being at the top of their profession.

Headshot of Brian Jones, Head of Product (Excel) at Microsoft

The Past, Present, and Future of Microsoft Excel

Brian Jones

Head of Product, Excel

Headshot of Colleen Johnston, former CFO for TD Bank

From CPA to CFO of TD Bank

Colleen Johnston

Former CFO

TD Bank
Headshot of Salim Ismail, founder of OpenExo

Organizations that Revolutionize the World

Salim Ismail


Headshot of Rich Diviney, founder of The Attributes

Leveraging Innate Attributes to Optimize Performance

Rich Diviney


The Attributes
Headshot of Ed Kless, Senior Director at Sage Accountants Solutions

Value Pricing for Professional Service Firms

Ed Kless

Senior Director

Sage Accountants Solutions
Headshot of Michael Bryant, CFO of NASBA

5 Improv Principles to Foster Creativity

Michael Bryant



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