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LumiQ podcasts are a new way of getting CPE/CPD credits and supporting your staff in their learning objectives. We can't wait to start working together.

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Desktop and mobile views of the LumiQ podcast app.

The Power Of LumiQ

LumiQ is a native podcast app where engaging conversations with business leaders count as verified CPE/CPD for CPAs. Here's why thousands of CPAs across North America love LumiQ.


Instead of spending an hour you don’t have in front of your computer, listen to LumiQ on your commute, at the gym, folding laundry or walking your dog.

Retention and Recruitment

With the increase demand to retain talent, firms are using LumiQ to show the firm actively develops their staff outside of the traditional technical training.

Learn from Leaders

We’re able to get top business, accounting & finance leaders to share their experiences and expertise on topics, helping broaden CPAs knowledge base and become better advisors to their clients

RSM Alliance Pilot Results

Over 3 months in late 2021, LumiQ and select RSM Alliance members conducted a pilot to test out the platform. Here are the results and what their users had to say about the experience.

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Total Users




Hear from some of your colleagues about their experience participating in the LumiQ <> RSM Alliance pilot.

Erin Dubecki
Senior Human Resources Consultant
Jennifer Arutunjan
Manager of Learning & Development
Freed Maxick CPAs
Dan Fallon
Audit Manager

"Would love the firm to participate in this."

Senior Manager

"I really like many of the conversational/interview style of many of the CPEs. It makes it much easier for listening and paying attention/absorbing the information compared to a traditional CPE where someone is just talking to you for hours on end and paying attention/absorbing the information can be a challenge."

Audit Manager

"I really enjoyed the trial of LumiQ and hope to use again in the future."

Audit Manager

"Overall LumiQ was a very enjoyable way to get CPD. The content is engaging while still being able to take away key learning points from the content. It is a great format overall and the growing list of content seems exciting (i.e. excel training being new too). The convenience factor and the CPD tracker are also great features!"

Senior Staff Accountant

"Much more convenient and entertaining than traditional CPE (e.g. Becker lectures) and the ability to pause and come back when time allows is an excellent function."


"Loved the platform. I can really see this as the future of CPD."

Intermediate Accountant

"It's a different content. Most of my CPE relates to tax matters. On LumiQ I listened to a lot of cpe related to soft skills, team management, dealing with co-workers at all levels. I found it very helpful and I enjoyed all the podcasts I listened to."

Tax Supervisor

"It's a huge improvement. The short length and the question and answer style format made it so easy to listen to."

Senior Manager

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Over 500 companies use LumiQ to support their team's L&D objectives while helping them meet their CPE compliance in a fun and engaging way. Here's some of the reasons why:

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