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We've interviewed hundreds of executives, best-selling authors and luminaries to bring you unique insights from their careers at the top. It's called edutainment, and it will change how you think about CPE. See for yourself by listening to a trailer below.

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CPE you can get excited about.

You and your team’s learning and growth include more than technical content. We’ve introduced new formats and categories of CPE, with fresh episodes every week, so learning never feels dull.


Narrative style. Think true-crime story telling and business case studies. These episodes are scripted, informative and easy to binge-listen.


Fireside chat. Imagine having the CEO of Nike in your living room. These experts share their insights in a casual, interview-style conversation with one of our many hosts.


Instructor-led. Like being in a live classroom… but on-the-go or from a location of your choosing. These episodes mimic a class lecture.


Videos. Because a VLOOKUP tutorial might be a bit tricky over audio alone. These videos cover everything from Excel to PowerPoint to financial modelling and more.

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