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10 Hilarious Busy Season Moments CPAs Know All Too Well

November 8, 2017

It’s day 1 of Busy Season! Congrats! Last year may be just far enough in the past that it doesn’t feel as daunting – even, dare I say, doable? Well don’t worry! I am here to remind you of the reality of your impending situation.

Buckle up accounting friends, Happy Busy Season to all!

When you are put on a terrible client you managed to avoid last year

When you start off strong but Busy Season quickly catches up

What it starts to feel like is going through the Partners’ minds


But you don’t want the Partners to see you sweat so…

When your Partners ask how Busy Season is going your answer is always the same…


When your coworker quits mid-season

What ever happened to no man left behind, Susan?!

Your nightly dinner in a nutshell


Or pizza. So much pizza.

When 11PM rolls around and you are still in the office

Just keep swimming…

When you’re trying to stay positive but you are just so tired.

As time goes on, Busy Season starts to feels like you’re sinking

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But you always make it through for that end of Busy Season feeling:


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