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What is CPD?

CPD is the term used to describe the ongoing learning that CPAs engage in to broaden their knowledge base and remain up to date with industry trends and developments. It is a yearly requirement for all CPAs to maintain their designation.

What qualifies as CPD?

Any learning activity that is quantifiable in terms of time and duration and is relevant to your current or future professional responsibilities and growth qualifies as CPD.

What makes CPD verifiable?

CPD is verifiable when it results in documented evidence that the learning was completed and it can be objectively confirmed by a third party.

What are my CPD requirements?

CPAs are required to complete at least 20 CPD hours every year, of which 10 hours must be verifiable. CPA’s are required to complete 120 CPD hours every three-year rolling period (i.e. 2018, 2019, 2020 then 2019, 2020, 2021), 60 of those 120 hours must be verifiable. You must also complete 4 verifiable ethics hours in every rolling triennial period.

Approved CPD provider.

Hours earned through LumiQ qualify as verifiable CPD in all Canadian provinces and territories. We are in full compliance with all federal and provincial regulations.

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