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CPE Requirements for Illinois (IL) CPAs

September 15, 2022

Illinois (IL) CPE Requirements for CPAs

CPE Reporting Period

Triennial with a deadline of September 30th.

CPA License Renewal Date

Triennial with a deadline of September 30th.

How Many CPE Hours do I Need in each period?

Illinois CPAs are required to complete 120 CPE hours every three years.

CPE Ethics Requirement

A minimum of 4 hours of ethics content is required every three years.

A minimum of 1 hour of sexual harassment prevention training is reuired every three years.

How do I report completion of CPE Hours?

if requested by the IDFPR, in the form of Certificates of Attendance, which are issued by the sponsor organization for each CPE program held.

When do newly licensed CPAs become subject to CPE Requirements?

CPAs are exempt from CPE requirements for the first renewal period following issuance of the license.

How long am I required to keep my CPE Records?

Licensees are required to maintain all CPE records for at least 6 years.

Does Illinois allow Nano Learning of Blended Courses for CPE?

No, you aren’t permitted to use courses completed through Nano Learning and Blended Learning to fulfill your Illinois CPE requirements.

How Much of your total CPE hours can be self-study?

Illinois CPAs can earn no more than 80 of their 120 hours through interactive self-study and only 60 of these hours through non-interactive self-study.

Interactive self-study CPE uses interactive methods to simulate classroom learning through software or technology systems that provide ongoing feedback to the learner.

Non-Interactive self-study CPE does not use these systems. Examples include videos, books, and audio content, in which the participant must submit an assessment without knowing the answers beforehand. It must include a system or process that provides evidence of completion.

Can I rollover extra CPE hours?

No, Illinois CPAs are not permitted to roll over extra CPE hours to future period requirements.

Does Illinois have CPE Reciprocity

Illinois does have CPE reciprocity. Credits used to fulfill CPE requirements in a CPAs home state can also be used to fulfill Illinois CPE requirements.

Does Illinois have any Field-Specific CPE Requirements?

In Illiniois there are no minimum requirements for CPAs in public accounting.

Non-Verifiable CPE

60 of your 120 total hours can be earned through non-verifiable sources.

Additional Subject Restrictions

Participation and Work on a Technical Committee: Maximum of 10 hours

Professional reading that does not include an assessment or certificate of completion: Maximum 10 hours

Research with outside parties on a concept new to the licensee or where the standards/regulations have changed: Maximum of 10 hours

State Board Contact Info:

1120 E. Diehl Road, Suite 107

Naperville, IL 60563

Phone: 815-753-8900

Fax: 815-753-8953


Board Website:

Rules and Regulations: located here

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