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How Linda Raynier Went From CPA To YouTube Star

February 13, 2018

Linda Raynier went from CPA to Recruiter to YouTube Star. With 175k subscribers and millions of views on her videos, she has well established herself as a leading career strategist. Read on to learn how Linda found her niche on YouTube and some of her best advice on achieving your career goals.

Linda Raynier, CPA to YouTube

During her second work term as a co-op at EY, Linda realized that though she could handle the work of a CPA, she may not actually enjoy it. It wasn’t until after she failed to pass the exam on the first try that she really began questioning accounting as her long-term career path.

Taking the UFE again was a real eye opener. It was a chance for Linda to sit down and do some soul searching. She came to the conclusion that she has a true passion for communicating with others and providing helpful advice. After passing the exam on the second try and getting her CPA, an opportunity to become a recruiter came up, and she took it.

Three years as a recruiter flew by before becoming too routine and needing a change. People started organically coming to ask Linda for private career advice, and so began her transition to career coach. Deciding to put herself towards a bigger audience is where YouTube came in. She started posting consistently on YouTube, touching on career advice and strategies.

Within a few months, she had a following.

Why Videos?

“I started with writing (especially on LinkedIn) but personally I felt I knew if I was to put myself in front of a camera, people would learn my personality, speaking style, and would want to work with me. Sure, it wasn’t natural at first, but it ended up working out. I genuinely want to help and I really care about giving accurate advice.”

“All my videos have intention.”

“YouTube is my way of being able to share my message to shift peoples’ perspective to live more meaningful careers. The impact I want to make for my lifetime is to get people to shift energetically, mentally, and emotionally. To move on a path where they are feeling ultimately more fulfilled.”

Linda’s Advice

On figuring out what you want first…

“Listen to your inner voice. A lot of people have dreams to do more than what they are doing now in order to be more fulfilled.

So don’t shove that inner voice away because of fear. The fear is nothing more than self-limiting beliefs you hold on to for no reason.”

On learning to trust yourself…

“A lot of where I’m at now didn’t just come out of nowhere. I used to lack confidence during my time as a CPA. I didn’t know where I was going, and everyone else seemed to be succeeding and excited about their paths. I knew it wasn’t right for me and so began a lot of trial, error and pivoting. I listened to myself, how did my choices make me feel inside, what felt good, what was the right next steps, etc.”

“Trust yourself.”

On it never being too late…

“Many people end up realizing they are not in the right career path for them. But they think it’s too late and stick with the safe route. However, that’s not true. You can always move in the direction of your ideal career if you learn to trust and believe in yourself and take action steps towards it.”

“It’s never too late and to cast fear aside to take a new opportunity.”

Watch Some of Linda Rayniers’ Videos Here:

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