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A Guide to LumiQ’s CPD Tracker

August 16, 2022

A Guide to LumiQ’s CPD Tracker

Keeping track of CPD hours can be a major frustration for CPAs. Making sure all the CPD hours you earned are accounted for can take valuable time from your schedule, which for CPAs is usually already almost completely full as is.

We’ve heard these problems repeatedly from a countless number of CPAs in the past. In addition, many members of our team are CPAs and have had their own personal frustrations with tracking and storing records of CPD completion.

We are constantly looking to make all aspects of earning CPD as easy and painless as possible. It is because of all this that we created our CPD tracker, as an all encompassing solution to track and record CPD compliance.

Benefits of using a CPD Tracker

Easier Recording of CPD:

Many CPAs we’ve talked to are used to tracking their CPD in an Excel spreadsheet or on a Desktop folder. This can be time consuming to manage and can lead to issues when you need to get all your certificates together.

This method of tracking allows you to record your CPD in the same place you are earning it. Additionally, with our CPD tracker, your hours are automatically counted when you listen so there is no time spent manually entering information on a course.

No more end of year scramble to find certificates:

With our tracker, there is no more need to search through files at the end of the year to ensure you have documentation of all your completed courses. No more risk of losing some files and having to retake courses to make up lost hours.

With our tracker your certificates are in one convenient location on the dashboard. Even if you are no longer subscribed to LumiQ you will still have access to the CPD tracker and all of your past certificates.

You can download all of your CPD records for any given period in seconds. We also have a customer support team available to help with any questions or issues you may have with your certifications.

Additionally, this can come in handy if you happen to be selected for a CPD audit. You can produce all the material to prove your compliance without any delays.

Track all Requirements for CPD Compliance:  

With our CPD tracker, you can keep track of all the different requirements for compliance. Your yearly and rolling period totals, your required CPD ethics hours, and your verifiable minimum hours. All aspects are covered and displayed on one easy to understand page.

Additionally, all regulation changes are monitored and updated in our system. You can track your compliance with the assurance you will be in line with the most up to date requirements.

Now that we’ve highlighted a few of the key features, we will walk you through how to set up and use your CPD tracker.

CPD Tracker Setup and Usage Guide

Setting Up your CPD Tracker:

CPD Tracker Registration

Setting up your tracker is a relatively simple process. When you create an account a popup will appear. It will direct you to enter your province of registry and the year you attained CPA status. This info will allow the system to provide the exact requirements for you based on your status.

From this point all you need to do is start listening to some episodes! One you have completed a chapter of an episode a quiz will appear. When you complete this quiz with the correct answer, the time for that chapter will be added to your completed hours.

You can then go to the tracker and view and download certificates for all the hours you have completed.

Downloading CPD Certificates:

To download your CPD certificates:

1) Head into your CPD Tracker page

2) Select the “Download All Certificates” button

3) You will then see a zip file download, which will contain all of your completed episodes in a PDF document.

Download CPD Documentation

CPD Hours from External Sources:

With our CPD tracker, you can upload and store CPD hours earned from any external sources. Providing a single space for storage of all your CPD records no matter where they originated.

Simply enter the name of the course, time of completion, description, and number of CPD hours it is worth. You also have the option to include the certificates that came from these completed courses, to provide further verification.

You can upload as many courses as you want and they will all be tracked and recorded. The hours inputted will be added to your totals in the tracker so you have a full picture of your compliance.

Import External CPD Certificates


Recording and tracking CPD completion can be an annoying and time consuming process. All the work we’ve put into our CPD tracker has been to make the process of making CPD compliance as pain-free as possible. This guide should provide you with everything you need to get set up and start recording your hours. If you have any questions, reach out to help@lumiqlearn.com.

If you want to try LumiQ and get access to our CPD tracker, we are offering 5 free CPD hours to any new users. You will get access to the tracker along with our library of over 400 episodes!

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